Monday, May 23, 2016

Eurovision 2016

I found out a bit late that Eurovision was going on :o aka i missed the first semifinal :( I'm a eurovisiongeek for those who don't know btw xD Luckily i could watch the 2nd semifinal and the grand final :D

The grand final started with some boring performances according to us watching in the living room, but after some performances, the better ones came. I guess our favorites were Hungary, Poland, Austria, and Australia.

Russia and Bulgaria wasn't bad either =D

I also liked the Lithuanian song, but the others in the living room didn't agree with me xD Other songs were medium, and some were better before they started singing, when muted, or as background music, aka they were kinda bad xD

When they counted the jury votes, we couldn't believe the outcome! Seemed they liked all the songs we didn't like (except Australia) and gave few votes to the songs that were good. The people (aka televotes) seemed to be agreeing more with our opinion, giving Poland many votes =D Russia won the televotes and Australia won the jury votes. Ukraine got the most votes combined and won Eurovision 2016.

This song we didn't really like that much. Fine, it wasn't horrible, but it wasn't that awesome either, with a woman crying at stage with desperation in her eyes, singing about some war stuff or so. Would have been better with Australia, Russia or Poland, or the others i mentioned earlier winning because they had catchy songs that were nice listening to =D

I also watched the semifinals again to find out which songs that i liked from the ones that didn't make it to the grand final. Belarus their song was awesome, and should definitely have made it to the grand final, and maybe even win!!!

I also liked Ireland, and Denmark their songs. They weren't my top pick as winners, but they were better than some of the songs that were in the grand final.

This years Eurovision was atleast much better than the 2015 one, where no songs sticked out much, so we didn't have much preferances then.

Fire at my work!! (like 2 weeks ago cuz i'm the slowest blogger ever... xD)

So Saturday 7th May at 6:30 or so i got awakened by my boss calling me, telling me there wouldn't be work that day because there had been a fire at work. Kinda sucky because it seemed like it would be a good day at work with many costumers, and now we would have a lot of disappointed costumers instead. I chatted a bit with a collegue about who could have done it, and what the damages might be. Would everything be burned down, could we sell the tiles, and was it an angry costumer setting the shop on fire, or just a random person? Later it was also updated about the fire in the local newspapers, BA and BT. I biked over there later that day to see the damages myself. It wasn't as bad as it could have been, it was mostly between the container and the back entrance, and the roof that had burned. I biked a bit longer trip since it was nice weather and i had nothing else to do before i headed home.

The day after (aka Sunday) i biked to town, went up Fløyen, over Vidden to Ulriken (mountains) and down, and back to where i had parked my bike before i biked home. It was nice weather and actually warm (20+*C!!) so i wore minimal with clothes, and ended up getting sunburnt (quite much!) even though i wore sunscreen. This lead to me not being able to enjoy the sun for the following days because i didn't wanna increase the damage to my burnt skin. I also started having pain in my left foot after this trip, that lasted for almost 2 weeks! I'm luckily better now, but i haven't been able to exercise much now because of that, and it didn't really help the healing with all the walking at work either. My sunburnt is also better now so now I can enjoy the upcoming warm and sunny period that will start now. This time i'll try being more careful though.

Monday we were still closed because the ensurance company had to take a look at the damages, but tuesday we were asked to come to work. We were still closed, but served costumers and answered the telephone, while some people walked around and looked at the damages and how to reduce the ash amount in the air and stuff. Luckily, nothing inside the shop got damaged, only the items in the container outside. We noticed it was bad to stay long inside. We started to suffer from the air inside the shop, so we tried to stay outside. Later we had to remove the container and the contents because it was kinda burnt and broken. The different components on the pallets (wood, cardboard and tiles/stones) had to be separated, which was kinda sucky, because it would have been way easier to just send away the whole pallet with everything on without having to seperate them first so it was a lot of work, but at 16 we could leave :)

Wednesday we opened up the shop like normal again, but closing at 18 instead of 20 because they would try to improve the air in the shop by gassing it or something. They also had installed lots of fans to increase air circulation to get out all the ash, so eventually the air got better, day by day, and now the air quality is good again. After that we kept our usual opening hours. There seems to be a bit fewer costumers now though. If that is because of the fire and people being unsure if we are open or not, or if it's because of other reasons i don't know, but hopefully we will have many costumers in the future :D

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Lille Taste of Indian

I finally got my drivers licence now yay :D (8 years after i could have had it :x)

The driving exam went pretty good, so thats great =p To celebrate me and my family went out to eat at an indian restaurant in Bergen called Lille Taste of Indian, located in Marken =p

I ordered the dish called Degree Channa, with chickpeas, mushrooms and curry sauce. It was served with rice =p They other ordered non-vegan food. It was yummy and had a spiced taste, but without being spicy. I would have liked it a bit more spicy though, but then again I'm kinda unfamiliar with indian food, so I'm not sure how it's supposed to be like xD Think I'll try something different next time though, because it was yummy, but not superyummy for my taste =p

It was a quite cosy place though, and the woman serving us was wearing an indian dress or sari or whatever it's called that was very pretty =p

We had a nice time together, and I like to go out and eat and test out new places and dishes, so I hope we will do it more in the future =D

Monday, April 11, 2016

Work trip to Spain

Last week me and a colleague from the same shop went on a work trip to Alicante in Spain. There were other colleagues who work in the other Right Price Tiles shops in Norway also on the trip. We from Bergen travelled down in the middle of the day on Wednesday. I had to work first before we travelled, so it was a long day, with me starting work at 7 in the morning until we had to leave for the airport at 12:30. Also we had to travel back early Friday morning, so it was a very short trip.

I've never been to Spain before (unless Mallorca counts), so it was nice to travel somewhere i haven't been before :D The weather was nice too, coming from rainful, cold Bergen, it was a nice change with sunny and warmish (15-20°C i think). 

When we arrived in Alicante we took a taxi to the Malia hotel 10-15 minutes from the airport. It was very cool with palm trees and the beach there :D 

The hotel was really nice with good view from the hotel balcony to the beach and the mountain, and the room was nice and big. 

After changing clothes we went to eat at a restaurant closeby next to the boat place. It seemed like a seafood restaurant,  but they also had meat and veggie options. I ordered a plate of grilled vegetables, while everyone else ordered meat or fish :x Most of the people also drank shitloads of beer, while me and a couple of others stack to cola and water. We had to wait like 1-2 hours or so for the food. While waiting we got some appetizers, most of them non-vegan. Lucky i had snacked on dates on the plane :p 

After some hours it got dark and colder, so i was freezing a bit. People were getting drunker, one even fell over the neighbouring table and the children there, so was time to get back to the hotel because we had to get up early the next morning. A guy from one of the other shops and my colleague wanted to go on the mountain and take some pictures so i decided to join them. We never got that far though because they were drunk and just wanted to drink, so we eventually had to return to the hotel. I'm reminded why i don't drink from seeing all these drunk people :p it's not tempting to drink after seeing what it does to you x)

After getting to the hotel i sadly couldn't fall asleep. Long day and already little sleep from before didn't help. I think i slept like 2 hours, from 4 to 6. Alarm went off at 7. I took a shower before going yo breakfast. Should have timed it a bit better though because i only had 5 minutes to eat breakfast before the bus should leave to the tile fabrics at 8, so i just grabbed some bread and fruit and stuffed some in my mouth and some in my purse. Seems some of the guys overslept though so they had to wake them up before we could leave, so i was one of the early ones.

The tile fabrics were pretty far from Alicante, we had to pass Valencia, so it was a 3 hour bus trip. I couldn't sleep much now either, only like 30 minutes, so i just looked out the windows on the beautiful Spanish nature :p When we finally arrived at the first tile fabric, Cristacer, we had to wait a bit outside. It was sunny and warm so that was just nice :p they also had clementine trees just across the road so i sneaked some clementines :D Very delicious and totally fresh :D 

In the tile fabric we got a tour where they explained all the steps of how ceramic powder becomes tiles. It was very cool to see, and everything was automated :D We get some of our tiles from this fabric; blanco mate 30x45, partenon marfil, and canada :p 

So shortly the tile making process is that the ceramic powder gets its humidity decreased to like 6% then it's shaped into tiles, then it's heated to remove more humidity, then it's primered and gets a top layer, then it is burned. Somewhere in there it's also checked that it's the correct color and size and no bad stuff on the tiles. After burning they are packaged and transported. 

There were like 300 tile fabrics in the area, which means shiiiitloads of tiles being produced every day.

From Decocer

After the first tile fabric we visited another tile fabric, Decocer. This one we get some hexagon and devon tiles from. It was pretty much the same, except here they make more decorative tiles and they had more manual labor than the first fabric.

After we were done on the 2nd tile fabric we got some drink and snacks, then we travelled to a restaurant by the sea. It was really beautiful view outside :D 

I got some grilled vegetables as pre-dish which was quite delicious :D 

After eating i sat outside in the sun. Later the main dish arrived: grilled vegetables xD 

I must admit it started to be quite many meals with grilled vegetables now xP Atleast it was different vegetables than the pre-dish, but I did prefer the pre-dish because it was more meal-like and less side dish-like like the main dish xD I finished eating and went back into the sun, waiting for the ride back to the hotel.

Couldn't sleep again on the 3 hour ride back to the hotel, even if i was quite tired. They also did a quiz in the bus, but i had no idea about any of the answers so I lost. Didn't care much about it though either. When we arrived back in Alicante everyone could do what they wanted to do, so i went for a walk, checking out the city a bit before i went to the mountains.  I also stopped by a shop, finding plant milk and soy yoghurt, but i didn't buy anything. It was a nice town. I found some old trees and fountains and stuff :p The mountain was nice too, but by the time i got there it was already dark. It would have been nicer in daylight. On top of the mountain there was a fort. I went on the top and looked down at the town, it was really a nice view except for the dark. Then i went back down and took a trip on the beach. It seems like a really nice vacation place for the summer :D Then it was time for bed. Had to get up early the next morning, like 5:45 or so to go to the airport. Luckily i managed to sleep a bit more now.

We had to travel via Oslo, and 2 people from the Oslo shops also took the same plane, so we shared cab and hanged together at the airport. In the plane i barely slept also, so me and my colleague played some cards, like we did on the way down to Spain :p I taught him well cuz he won every single game this time of go-fish :p

In Oslo we rechecked our luggages and bought some stuff for others in the duty free shop and found some food to eat. I had heard Upper Crust had vegan options so i ordered a vegan baguette. It came with lettuce, tomato, cucumber and onion. Would have been cooler with some hummus, mayonnaise or vegan cheese on, but it was nice without also :p

Then plane back to Bergen, taxi home and sleeeeeep. And my poor colleague had to work.
It was a nice trip, even though it was a bit short. Hope next time I'll go on a longer trip with more free time to look around and explore :D And eat something else than grilled vegetables :p

Sunday, March 13, 2016

My weekend

Hiho. This weekend there was something called alternativmessen, which is a gathering or festival or something for like healers, palm readers, people who can tell the future, rystal sellers, and more. I helped out at NOAHs stand, trying to get more people to become member in this animal rights organization or to volunteer. I stood there Friday evening after work and Sunday morning together with some other really nice people. It was quite fun and meaningful, and many people were positive and interested in our organization, and we had some people signing up as members as well. :D

After i left the alternativmesse i went to the birthday party of my grandpa :p he's turning 81 this year :D there i met some family members and we had some nice chats. I was bit tired and unfocused though.  I brought a vegan chocolate cake (recipe from veganmisjonen), which was quite popular. We almost ate up everything, and i ate the most cuz it was the only vegan option for me. Later we also had fruit and chips that i snacked on :p

On Saturday i tried for the first time to make pulled jackfruit. It was kinda a disaster because I used too much extra hot chili pepper. I could basically feel the flames shoot out of my mouth :x i tried to tone down the spiciness by adding citrus, tahini, soy yoghurt and ketchup, but it was still waaaayyyyyy too spicy :x i think if i could taste anything else than SPICYYYYYY though that it actually would taste good, so i'm gonna try next time without chili xD

Now time to rest before a new week starts :p hope everyone else had a nice weekend too, and feel free to sign up as members to NOAH :D NOAH works for helping all animals, mostly in Norway. Big campaigns are fur farms, circus animals, animal police, and veganism, and we need as much support as possible to make great things happen! :D

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Tomato soup and olive tapenade

Yoyo. Had some leftover tomato puree i wanted to use, and some black olives, so why not make tomato soup and black olive tapenade then :D (actually i made the black olive tapenade yesterday and had leftovers today, but it was yummy together so heck why not xD)

For the soup i used:
Tomato puree
Dried mint
Olive oil
Vegetable bullion
Alphabet pasta (other pasta also works)
Lemon juice

Basically i just boiled the ingredients until the pasta was done :p and ye i didnt measure the ingredients xD

For the olive tapenade i used:
Black olives
Vegetable oil

This i blended. Also here i didnt measure.

This tapenade is perfect on roasted bread with vegan margarine on :D

Very delicious :D

Vegan meeting at Pygmalion March 2016

The norwegian vegan society arranges vegan meetings the first sunday of every month in a restaurant. This sunday we were in Pygmalion, which is a cosy ecological restaurant in Bergen. They have several vegan options here and i struggled with what to order because of the many choices and i'm really sucky at making decisions. I ended up with a delicious vegan burger, served with hummus and baked potatoes. Other vegan options they had were soup, wrap, wok, salad, and cake. The burger patty is made with lentils and this dinner was quite filling. I kinda wanted ketchup with it as well (they have available), but i was too lazy to go get it or to ask the waiter to go get it for me =p

We were quite many people at this vegan meeting. Probably like 50 or so =p I stayed there to 19, and then there were only 4 people left other than me =p I met old and new people, had some nice chats, and delicious food =D I'm a bit sick atm though, having a cold, so i hope i didn't spread my sickness to any other people (although i probably did and they all will be sick now because of me :x)

Anyways, it was nice getting out of the house and meet some fellow vegans. Looking forward to next time =D

Saturday, February 20, 2016


Yesterday me and my brother watched deadpool together on cinema :D it was a great movie filled with laughter, love, action and superheroes :D we both loved it :D i recommend everyone who like these kinds of movies to watch it because it was epic!!!! :D

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Family evening

Today i will go out with family to eat pizza at Peppes (this was our xmas present to our parents =p), followed by watching Star Wars 7 on cinema =D We have now watched Star Wars 1-6 during the xmas holidays, so going to cinema to watch the 7th one is a nice finish =D

Started this day with a banana-raspberry shake made of frozen bananas, water and home made raspberry jam =D Very yummy =D

I also ate some leftover strawberry yoghurt from oatly (i prefer alpro) with müsli =p

Biked 10 minutes on my stationary bike and did some strength exercises today =p Time to hop in the shower now before i leave =p

Happy new year =D

2016 is here, so time to party =p and with party i mean living a good, meaningful, happy and healthy life =p

Personally i plan to try and eat healthier, aka more cooked meals and vegetables, and less instant food such as cookies, chips, cakes etc. Lately i've not been cooking enough, and i keep snacking on nuts and stuff.

I also want to train more, get stronger, healthier, better condition, more toned etc =D Aka looking and feeling great.

Eventually i would like to voluntair also. There are so many people and animals in need, and i would like to do something good for others =D

I also plan on getting my driving licence in the beginning of 2016, in februar or march or so =p

Hope 2016 will be a good year for everyone =D

Thursday, December 31, 2015

26 years old now

2 days ago i turned 26, which sounds way too old because it feels like i'm way younger =p

For my birthday i went out on the restaurant Hot Wok to eat =p I ordered dish 48: Vegan Gong Bao. I assumed it was vegan due to its name =p The dish was stir fried veggies in spicy sweet chili sauce, topped with cashews =D It was really delicious, and it also came with rice on the side which was nice because it was quite spicy (which was good cuz it was labelled as spicy =p)
It was really a lot of food too, even i had struggles eating all (but i did) xD

I've eaten there before too. Then i ordered 46: Vegan chao Mein, which was woked noodles with veggies and soy sauce. That dish was kinda disappointing because it was mostly noodles and almost no veggies, and i also had to use more soy sauce because i'm a soy sauce addict and it didn't have enough =p Would like it more if it had more veggies and maybe some spice too =p

If i go there again i'll order the 48: Vegan Gong Bao again, or maybe do some adjustments to other dishes (although i prefer doing it the easy way, ordering from what is on the menu xD).

After eating i went to cinema and watched James Bond Spectre =D It was a nice movie with lots of explosions and action and stuff =p I liked this movie ^.^

After the movie i went home and watched Star Wars 4 with my family =p We are doing a slow Star Wars marathon (1 movie/day) this xmas, so we're grabbing every oppertunity to watch one =p

I also got some nice gifts =D A necklace, ear rings, a cutting board, jogging pants, jogging t-shirt, thug kitchen cookbook, cutting equipment, a donation in my name to an animal sanctuary and sponsoring to get my eyes checked and get new glasses =D Thanks everyone for the nice gifts and for making me have a nice birthday =D <3

Friday, December 25, 2015

My Xmas 2015

Yoyo everybody, merry xmas! =D

I'm still alive, even though it doesnt seem like it from my posting frequencies xD

So yesterday i celebrated xmas with my family. As usual norwegian tradition i made xmas rice pudding or whatever it's called in english for lunch, made with porridge rice, soy + coconut milk, vanilla powder, sugar, and grounded almons. With cinnamon, raisins and vegan margarine on top =p Very delicious =D

They got a new vegan margarine in Norway now that was actually whiter than my rice pudding as you can see on the picture, which i found a bit funny, cuz normally the margarine/butter is yellow =p
Also my vegan rice pudding was darker in color than my families non-vegan rice pudding =p

After eating we visited my grandparents for a short while before we drove back home (or i drove back home because i'm training for my driving licence). Then i prepared the nut roast that i would have for dinner. I used the recipe that i always use on veg-veg their sites, except i used some more nuts, regretting i didn't make even more =p Guess i'll write the ingredients on my blog so i have it here for later =p

200 g mixed nuts (i used cashews, brazil nuts, almonds, peanuts, walnuts)
100 g crumbled bread
1 chopped onion
2 chopped garlic cloves
1 tablespoon vegetable oil
2 tablespoons flour
1 tablespoon spice mix (i used paprika, cloves, ginger, pepper, chili, garlic, nutmeg)
1 cube vegetable bullion
1,5 dl boiling water
salt and pepper

So i did the nuts and bread in my food processor until it was chopped into pieces, sauted the onion and garlic in the oil, then i added all the ingredients in a bowl and spiced it as much as i wanted, then did it in an oiled bread shape, covered with aluminium foil, and baked in the oven on 180°C for about 1 hour.

Next to the nutroast i had boiled potatoes, brown sauce, mashed rutabaga, mushrooms, onions, brussel sprouts, and lots of soy sauce =p

After eating we opened the presents.

Here's what i got:

A purse, 2 different cooking books, vegan chocolate, tvp chuncks, mini cake shapes, touchscreen gloves, lavendel smelling candle light, hand soap, sweater, pizza pan, circular glass shape, power plug thingy, huge pillow and cash =p

Pretty nice gifts, i'm very happy for all of them =D

After opening gifts we wanted to watch the movie "The Holiday". Sadly we didn't have the dvd in our house, so we tried streaming it. Sadly internet wasn't in a very cooperating mood (slow and falling out), so we could watch about 10 minutes before we had to load it for like 5 minutes to continue watching it, so we only got 49 minutes into the movie before we gave up xD

It was a nice xmas for me and i got a lot of cool stuff that i wanted, yummy food, and i had a nice time together with my family =D I hope everyone else had a nice xmas aswell =D

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Raspberry ice cream

Today for breakfast i decided to have raspberry ice cream (although it's cold and not sunny outside xD). Because i have frozen bananas i went for the easy, healthy version =p I also added some leftover vegan yoghurt i had =p I let the frozen fruit rest a bit in the food processor before i started it so it wouldn't be too heavy for the food processor to chop the frozen fruits =)

Frozen banana
Frozen raspberries
Vegan yoghurt (optional)

Put ingredients in food processor and blend =p Enjoy =D Very delicious, healthy, easy and fast =p Can also be made with different berries =p

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Shepherdess Pie

So, time for a recipe again =p I had some leftover boiled potatoes, onion, tomato, carrots, cauliflower and chinese cabbage that needed to be used in the fridge, along with some freshly purchased, boiled and frozen black eyed beans in the freezer, so that sounds pretty much like a shepherdess pie to me (except it's normally made with lentils as far as i know xD) I didn't really measure or follow any recipe (but i looked at some recipes for inspiration), but just added what seemed to be a reasonable amount of each ingredient (typically the remaining of what i had laying around) xD

Ingredients (with +- my use in paranthesis):

Tomato sauce:
Onion (+- 0.5)
Garlic (1 clove)
Tomato (+- 1/4th cuz that's what i had, would have used more if i had more =p)
Carrot (2)
Cauliflower (+- 1/2 kinda small)
Chinese cabbage (+- 1/3 small)
Black eyed beans (+- 1,5 dl, other beans or lentils can also be used)
Canned tomatoes (1 400g can)
Tomato paste (+- 1 tablespoon)
Sugar (+- 2 teaspoons)
Bullion cube (1)
Spices (i used pizza spice, oregano, thyme, paprika, fresh basil, salt)
Water if needed

Mashed potatoes:
Boiled potatoes (i had like bit less than 500 g maybe?)
Vegan margarine (1-2 tablespoons)
Plant milk (i used oat milk, dunno howmuch though)
Salt and pepper

Chop veggies in small pieces, saute them and add canned tomatoes, tomato paste, bullion cube, sugar and spices (i added my basil at the end). Add water if needed. Simmer for a while then add beans (add earlier if not cooked). Make mashed potaoes (i guess everyone knows how to). Taste if they both taste good and add more salt or spices if needed. Pour the tomato sauce in an ovenproof dish and distribute the mashed potatoes on top. Here you can have some vegan cheese on top for extra yumminess =p Into the oven on 200°C for like 20 minutes or more =)

Enjoy =D

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Some of the food i have eaten recently xD

Sorry for the lack of updates lately =p To make people happy i'll post some images of some of the food i have eaten xD If anyone is interested in more info about the food feel free to ask xD

Polenta with vegetables

Macaroni with sauce

Pizza =D

Chana masala with rice

Chocomousse (even though it doesn't look like it xD)

Chipsies =D

Nom nom nom =D